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drx: Web Developer Resource Index

DRX is a Resource Directory and Index for Web developers, designers and programmers of all skill levels, and focuses on standards, accessibility and open-source software, solutions and tools.

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DRX is a both a sub, and a superset of the ODP/ directory. By subset, I’ve reduced and simplified the taxonomy by limiting presentation of resources in the Computers, Reference and Science classifications, and within those branches only the relevant sub-categories are included. By superset, I’m adding to the selection with many hand picked resources, the listings are enhanced and the overall interface is improved.


Categories: Each category opens with a brief introduction and some background information. Occasionally I include a code fragment, or some other example. In some cases I also point out an exemplary listing in the active, or a related category.

Listings: Other than the item occupying the number one spot, which I select based on what I consider to be the most authoritative or essential resource for that category, listings are sorted by timestamp—with recent additions listed first. Once the database is populated enough to warrant the work involved, I will add have added RSS feeds for each category, and an OPML for the whole enchilada. If you know of a resource I haven't listed that merits addition, you may contact me. But be warned, I’m very picky and it must be of exceptional quality and relatively free of advertising before I will consider it for inclusion.

Authors: I have done my best to research and find the most appropriate links to give attribution to the fine work of all those who contributed to the resources in this directory. In some cases, names are omitted or I am listing the principle author or editor of the document only. My apologies for any errors or omissions. Please email me if you are a contributor and would like to assist me with a correction. For some resources, there is no principle author, as is the nature of open-source projects that are built from the collaboration of many individuals.

Submissions: If you have, or know of, a resource that you feel meets the criteria I have set forth for this index, and fits the overall theme of DRX, then feel free to drop me an email. Want to write your own review? If accepted, I will add the resource along with a link to your site or bio as the author of the review. If email is not your thing, then create a Membership Profile and submit your suggestion on the drx Forum.

Features: Now with Author, Category, Recent and Title indexing. Search coming soon. I may add domain indexing too, if it seems like it would be useful (which I believe it would). A little tricky to implement though, as I did not separate the URIs when I designed the schema (to keep it simple). Now I have to get out my regular expression bag of tricks to do it after the fact.

hReview: The resources listed in this index conform to the hReview MicroFormat, an open standard for distributed reviews. Visit the hReview Wiki for more information.

What’s New

Statistics: There are 1144 resources published by 844 authors in 78 categories using 334 tags currently in the database.

Update: Added a new Security category. Here you will find everything from SSL and TLS to SSH and programming techniques and solutions to SQL injection and XSS. Be safe folks!

Update: Savvy visitors to the DRX Recent Additions index may have noticed a plethora of critters that are new. There are yellow dogs, gnus, icondolphins, tortoises, and even pythons. There are also bugs like the mantis, and if you follow the iconbear tracks north you’ll even find the humble ant. Or maybe not so low on the totem pole since the latter marks the 1000th addition to this index!

All of these and many more are listed in the brand new Development Tools category. To use an old saying, Doug is hell when he’s well.

Update: Added a JavaScript category. I admit it, I could no longer ignore what is now a very important Web development technology. Resources include language reference, libraries and frameworks, Ajax and DHTML, JSON, DOM, Firefox extensions, and more.

Update: Basecamp, from 37signals, marks the 500th contributor to drx!

Update: Added Domain indexing. You will now find that drx Search is available on all pages, including the indexes, and this one. Since there are so many other options for locating resources in this application, you will find the search feature at the bottom of each page. Sort of “when all else fails.”

Update: To further refine the category indexing, I have added resource tagging and a complete Tag index. Located under each record are one or more of these tags. Simply follow these links to take you to the index for that tag, where you can see a list of all titles that are related and visit each of them in turn. A very nice way to browse drx and understand how all of these resources are connected.

Update: Best of the Best. Did you make the A-list? Find out who did.

Update: PHP is by far my most popular category, which makes sense because it is a topic I know a great deal about and is a major contributor to how drx is built. So, I have managed to get a listing for it on Hotscripts, and you can do me a huge favor by visiting the listing and taking a moment to rate and/or review it. Thank you!

Update: Since Firefox Extensions are becoming such a big part of this index, I have taken the time to create an index that lists all of them in one place. This has the added values of allowing you to see not only every category they’re listed in, but also displays a tag cloud so you can see how they are tagged as well.

I visit and evaluate every resource in this index.

This is the top-level, or treeview of DRX. You can return to this view from anywhere in the application by selecting one of the “taxi” icons or you can navigate the index by selecting a category from a dropdown list, like this one:

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