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Web Developer Resource Index: XML Languages

XML is a meta-language, or a language used to build other languages. In addition to markup languages such as XHTML, and transformation and formatting languages such as XSLT and XSL-FO, there are a whole family of XML Languages already at W3C Recommendation status, or are Working Drafts (WD).

The XML Languages mentioned in this branch of the Resource Directory are some of the more prominent ones, and are each designed with a specific goal in mind. They are used throughout various implementations already in place for a Web of the future, that is more powerful and useful than the one we have now. At the zenith of this plan is the Semantic Web, yet we already have very popular XML-based tools such as RSS. Another example is the Open Directory Project (, on which this application is loosely based, and whose taxonomy is entirely defined in terms of RDF.

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