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Web Developer Resource Index: GeoURL

GeoURL allows the Web site developer to identify the relationship of their site to a physical location on the planet. By adding a few metadata elements to the <head> section of your site, and then your URI to the GeoURL database, you can find out what other sites are near you, and share your location with the rest of the world.

The coordinates are naturally described in terms of a latitude and longitude, but in decimal rather than minutes and seconds. You can use the ICBM meta element, left over from the days of the Usenet mapping project, or the geotags syntax:

<meta name="geo.position" content="latitude;longitude">

If you’re lucky enough to have a GPS device, determining your location is easy. Otherwise there are a number of Web services available to help you, or simply visit Google Maps.

To better understand how GeoURL works, you can visit some of my Neighbors.

Note: that I am including several other resources in this category that relate to geographic metadata, and fun stuff like Mozilla Firefox extensions.

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Data Formats:Metadata:GeoURL {0}(8)[63]



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