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Web Developer Resource Index: Style Sheets

Style Sheets are used to control the formatting, layout, pagination, presentation and other design aspects of a document or a set of documents. These features could include, but are certainly not limited to, fonts, colors, margins, headings, page numbering, mastheads and footers, and so on.

The power of Style Sheets lies in their ability to control large sets of documents, freeing the author to concentrate on structure and content. If design changes become necessary, they can be made to a single file (the style sheet) and these changes would immediately apply to all the documents in the set.

Style Sheets can also be used to target multiple devices, such as computer screens, printers, mobiles and other hand-helds, and devices designed for individuals with disabilities. They can also be used to target different output file formats, such as HTML or XHTML for the Web, PDF for downloading or printing, for exporting to a word processor using formats such as RTF, or even sophisticated formats like DocBook that target an electronic typesetting system that can transform your work into a book meant for publication. Using this approach, you can maintain a document in an XML file, and generate multiple output formats from it.

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