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Web Developer Resource Index: CSS

Cascading Style Sheets allow the Web developer to separate the structure (HTML) and content of a document from its presentation, including such things as layout, fonts and colors. This separation has many benefits, including greater control of the design aspects and reduced complexity of the markup. Style sheets can also be used to target different devices, including browsers (screen), printers and hand-held devices such as PDAs or cell phones.

Visit the CSS Zen Garden to see examples of how the same page can be rendered in vastly different styles using the same markup and content.

Visit this layout Overview to gain a better understanding of how to get started on a CSS-based design, and how many of the resources listed here are related.

Admiring the results of some really talented people can bring inspiration, and you may need it first. Designing with CSS can be very challenging, and frustrating at times. But it is worth it, once you get over the initial hurdle.

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