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Web Developer Resource Index: Firefox

Firefox is an open source, multi-platform, extensible Web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation. It has excellent support for Web standards, using the Gecko rendering (or layout) engine. Firefox has many user-friendly features including tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, greatly improved privacy and security over older browsers, and installable extensions, themes (sometimes called skins), search plugins, and dictionaries—collectively referred to as Add-ons.

Firefox is supported by a large international team of programmers, independent developers and advocates. There are 100s of installable extensions to enhance the product, including many written specifically for Web developers and designers that are listed in this index.

Many aspects of the Web and the Internet have been dominated by open-source software, such as the Apache Web server, the Linux operating system, database systems like MySQL and programming languages such as C, Perl, PHP and Python. However, commercial control of PC-based operating systems like Microsoft Windows has kept the client-side outside the reach of open-source alternatives since the early days of the Web.

Until 2005. Since then, Firefox has made incredible inroads into the browser market. Watch for this category to grow as Firefox improves even more and we see how the commercial vendors respond. I’m hoping it touches off a new wave in standards support by browser makers, and an overall improvement in the quality of the resources that are available on the Web as a result.

Note that within the Browsers category of drx I have chosen not to include a Mozilla Suite sub-category, since has decided to concentrate all of its efforts on Firefox. I do list SeaMonkey in the Browsers category if you’re interested in installing it and giving it a try.

For additional news and links, visit the Firefox Rave page. For developers that are interested in what is possible with JavaScript, XUL, and other Mozilla framework tools, visit the new extensions index.

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