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Web Developer Resource Index: Innovators

Web Innovators are individuals and organizations that are pulling the possibilities of the future into the present. This category doesn't have to relate strictly to Web development, it could include digital art, architecture technology, social science, music, or simply trying anything new or untested.

I also happen to be a big fan of data visualization.

The Web is an incredible medium, and frankly, a billion cookie-cutter blog and zoom-pow flash sites do not show it off. Now I admit that comment is a bit of a contradiction, considering some of the entries that make up this list and the ODP category I’ve placed it in.

I have an intense interest in the history of the Web (and the Internet in general), because it was the pioneers of their day that made what we have now possible. So I wanted to make a special effort to point out some of the people that are on the cutting-edge today.

Without Arthur C. Clarke, we wouldn’t have satellites. Enjoy.

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