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Server software is the half of the client-server model that accepts network requests and returns a standardized response according to the protocol being used. An HTTP (or Web) server is the most familiar of these, although anytime you send or receive email, upload a file, chat, or use any other number of Internet services, you are using the same software model.

Despite the iconic image above, a server is not hardware. It is an application, or daemon, that resides in memory and waits for requests on a socket, which is the combination of a protocol and an IP address on a particular port..

Some software, for instance a RDBMS such as MySQL, acts as both a server and a client. The records that make up the resource listings in this application are stored in a database and I am using client calls to extract them from a database, which also resides on this host. If the DB where located on a remote host, then we would be back to the original definition of the client-server model.

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