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I am making no attempt here at listing all the Programming Languages available for Web development. These are some of the most popular, and the ones I am most familiar with. If you want to write CGI applications in Sparc assembler, be my guest and good luck!

C is generally used to write fast, machine-code (or binary) programs such as Web servers like Apache. PHP, Perl and Python are better suited for rapid development and deployment of Web applications. This is not to say there are no Perl servers, or Web spiders written in Python. It is interesting to note that the higher level languages are generally written in the lower level C, again, because software compiled from C is so fast and efficient.

Missing in action as of this writing is Java, which I may or may not get into. However, JavaScript has been included, which is much more powerful than just a client-side (browser) scripting language. It took some time to decide where to place it in the drx hierarchy because it is so closely related to the DOM, RIA applications and, these days, Web services and interfaces like the XMLHttpRequest (XHR) API object (aka Ajax).

When I have more time on my hands I plan on getting into Ruby and RoR.

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