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Web Developer Resource Index: Blogware

Blogware, or Weblog Software, is a specialized form of a CMS. They are designed specifically for creating and maintaining blogs, and adding and editing content. Naturally, the ones I’ll list here are all open-source, and in the case of this category, they are all written in PHP. Most use MySQL as the database backend.

Below is a fairly exaustive list of possible features found in modern blogging software. Packages that have been around for awhile and have a larger market share are likely to have most, if not all of them. Newer packages, or ones that are designed with simplicity and performance in mind, often have less. This isn’t meant to imply that WordPress or MovableType are slow and cumbersome, often times these vendors have learned better ways to solve certain problems. Selecting one is subjective, what I find easy to use may leave you scratching your head.

So do your homework, ask around, the Web community is a great place to start. Note system requirements when shopping for blogware, and don't forget that you can always try before you install. Also, most shared hosting environments already provide the necessary backend software, and many offer preinstalled blogging packages. A few Weblog software vendors offer hosted solutions, so there is nothing to install. Some are free (with ads), some are not.

Blogware Features

Phew! That should be enough to keep blog developers busy.

For users who are new to blogging, the amount of jargon is remarkable. For example, a “post,” “article,” or “entry” all pretty much mean the same thing. For more help on blogging jargon, visit the glossary.

Top billing goes to WordPress, not only because of its market dominance, but also because of its large feature-set, support, and longevity. Equally popular, MovableType is MIA in these parts because it’s written in Perl. Also note the absence of ExpressionEngine. Although it is a powerful application and you can download a limited “free” version, it is a commercial, closed-source package. Jon Hicks posted ExpressionEngine vs. Textpattern, if you're interested in a compare and contrast.

And if you’re wondering who that guy is in the dropcap thumbnail, it’s a famous portrait of Gutenberg. I’m not sure which is more prevalent in these software packages, references to typesetting or CamelCase names.

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