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Web Developer Resource Index: Mac OS X

The Apple Mac OS X operating system is built from the Open Source Darwin Mach 3.0 microkernel and FreeBSD architectures. On top of this rides the famous Apple GUI, the latest incarnation code-named Aqua. There are more than a few similarities, and for good reason, between this design and the NeXT computer on which Tim Berners-Lee built the first Web server and browser.

Earlier in 2005, Apple released Tiger, or Mac OS X version 10.4, the most feature rich and powerful Apple operating system yet.

And if you consider the many powerful applications available for Web design such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver, and the ease of installing open-source, server-side software such as Apache, MySQL and programming languages including PHP, Perl and Python, there is a strong argument for considering Mac OS X as an viable Web development platform.

The Mac Mini is only $500 US, how much is an ipod? I rest my case.

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