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A. Author Index

This is an informal index. Individual authors are sorted by full name rather than last, first and are combined with non-individuals (group or team efforts).

79 of 844 total authors/teams matched your request.


Madhujit Ghosh

Makoto Murata

Mandrivia Software

Manuel Lima

Maporama Team

Marc Ewing

Marc Gueury

Marc Liyanage

Marc-André Lemburg

Marcel Salathé

Marco Costalba

Marcus Campbell

Marcus Campbell

Marcus Ramberg

Marius Zaharia

Mark Fowler

Mark Nottingham

Mark O'Sullivan

Mark Pilgrim

Mark Wilton-Jones

Mark Zeman

Marshall Brain

Marshall Kirk McKusick

Martijn van Welie

Martin Bryan

Martin Cohen

Martin Dougiamas

Martin Krzywinski

Martin Spernau

Matt Kern

Matt Kruse

Matt Mullenweg

Matt Welsh

Matt Wright

Matthias Miller

Matthieu Fuzellier

Max Kiesler

Maxine Sherrin

Merlin Mann

Metaweb Technologies

Michael Bayer

Michael Bordash

Michael Classen

Michael Fagan

Michael Kaply

Michael L. Love

Michael Schröpl

Michal Tatarynowicz

Michel Fortin

Microsoft Developer Network

Miika Makinen

Mike Banahan

Mike Chirico

Mike Hall

Mike Hillyer

Mike Papageorge

Mike Pinkerton

Mike Rundle

Mike Schinkel

Mike Stenhouse

Mikhail Grushinskiy

Millennium Mathematics Project

Miloslav Nic

Miro International

Mirror Staff

MIT Simile Project

Mitch Keeler

Mohawk Software

Molly Holzschlag

mozdev Authors

Mozilla Community

Mozilla Corporation

Mozilla Developer Community

Mozilla Foundation

Mulberry Technologies


MySQL Technical Support

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