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A. Author Index

This is an informal index. Individual authors are sorted by full name rather than last, first and are combined with non-individuals (group or team efforts).

47 of 844 total authors/teams matched your request.

R. Alexander Milowski

Rael Dornfest

Ragib Hasan

Ralf Engelschall

Ralph Swick

Ran Aroussi

Rand Fishkin

Randy Morin

Raphael Goetter

Ray Kurzweil

Ray Whitmer

Refractions Research

Reg Quinton

Remy Sharp

Rich Ziade

Richard Stallman

Ring of Saturn

Rob Griffiths

Rob McCool

Rob Saccoccio

Robert Ginda

Robert Nyman

Robert Schultz

Robert Strong

Robert Vamosi

Robert Wiblin

Robert Zakon

Robin Cover

Robin Good

Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson

Roger Hudson

Roger Johansson

Rok Hrastnik

Rollyo Team

Romain Bossut

Roman Ivanov

Ron Beckman

Ron Hornbaker

Ron Stephens

Ross DeMeyere

Ross Shannon

Roy Fielding

RSS-DEV Working Group

Russ Weakley

Ryan Schultz and Jon Brouchoud

Ryan Singel

Ryan Tomayko

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