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E. Firefox Extensions

You will find many Firefox Extensions listed in drx, and they are located in almost as many categories. The goal of this page is to consolidate the best of them into one view in order to demonstrate this diversity. There are hundreds of other fine examples that are not listed here. The ones that are have been selected because they are focused on Web development, like the rest of drx.

To name just a few, these extensions focus on topics such as CSS, markup (HTML and XHTML), DOM, JavaScript and debugging, images, document structure and validity, URI, URL, forms, cookies and the HTTP protocol, Metadata and Semantics, XML, XPath and XUL, Accessibility and security, not to mention blogging, RSS, Atom and content syndication. Phew!

Firefox is like the Perl of Web browsers. By starting with a core design that is clean, fast and secure, and then adding a powerful programming interface, the browser is limited in what it can do only by the skill and ingenuity of the many talented programmers that create these extensions. In turn, they help us to be more productive and inspire us to think outside the box.

In other words, there are no limits. My hat goes off to the Mozilla team, and all the extension authors.

Chris Pederick’s Web Developer extension gets top billing for good reason. Really outstanding work. Follow this link to download and install it now.

For more information, and the latest, breaking news and announcements, visit the loadaverageZero Firefox Rave page.

If you’re interested in which extensions I’m currently using, visit the Installed Extensions page.

Trouble finding the extension you’re looking for? Try a quicksearch:

This page was last updated on Sunday, February 15th, 2009 @ 10:22 PM EST, and now includes a total of 37 Firefox Extensions designed for Web developers.


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