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From here you have a fairly unrestriced view of my entire site. Just about everything in the list below is a link, including the directories. Most folders contain additional details about their contents, as well as links to the resources stored there. Others, for example the Learning Labs, are in fact complete introductory pages. However, there are exceptions to the folder as index convention. For instance, the images directory is only displayed so you understand the layout of the site—it is not meant to be viewed directly.


loadaverageZero as DOM Graph

This type of site map is familiar to most users, and it is a useful navigation tool, but how about another approach? Below is tree/node graph of the home page that represents the DOM of the page. It was created using the DOM Visualizer applet by Marcel Salathé.

Look Mom, no tables! Actually, on several pages I make use of some nicely styled XHTML tables that document other (MySQL) tables—these, for example, describe how many of the resources on loadaverageZero are structured.

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