XMDP: XHTML Metadata Profile


Information about the Web site and the author(s), developer(s), etc. and their methods and philosophies.
The individual who wrote all or part of the document.
Defines the relationship of an anchor or link to a biographical resource about an author or individual.
The document's taxonomy, or directory classification as defined by the ODP (dmoz.org) RDF.
This resource allows the visitor to access information on various methods of contacting the Web site owner(s).
The name(s) of the copyright holder(s) for the document, and/or a complete statement of copyright, or a URI to that statement.
The last updated date/timestamp of the document, database record or other resource in ISO8601 UTC format.
A summary or abstract of the document contents.
A Friend of a Friend RDF resource that describes the author and his/her relationships with others.
A resource for users, and in particular those with disabilities, to learn methods of using the Web site more effectively.
Defines the relationship of any link to the Web site root/start/entrance page.
Sometimes called a favicon, this link relationship defines the URI to a graphic image associated with a Web site or a particular document.
A comma separated list of keywords, terms or phrases that match the concepts and contents of the document.
Defines the relationship between a resource and the URI to a document that contains licensing information for that resource.
Defines the relationship of an anchor or link to an external metadata resource such as an RDF.
Defines the relationship of an anchor or link to a resume or CV document as indicated by the MIME type attribute of the element.
A tool that allows visitors to search for available resources based on input keywords, terms or phrases.
Site Map
A navigation aid that allows visitors and software agents to locate links to any public resource on the Web site.
Indicates to the referring resource that the referrer is establishing a keyword/category relationship.
The last updated date/timestamp of the document, in full readable en-US format, local time. See also the date relationship.

Author: Douglas W. Clifton
Updated: Friday, September 26th, 2008 @ 9:53 PM EDT [2008-09-27T01:53:37Z]