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Future Projects



These are either Works in Progress, or will be coming very soon.

A check mark (or radical actually) next to an item indicates completion of that project — although nothing is ever really complete at loadaverageZero as I am constantly updating or improving things.

Project Status

  1. dnews Past, present and future: all in one day.
  2. drx all phases complete. Ongoing additions to the database.
  3. dbrowse: MySQL Database Browser.
  4. MySQL Lab Article Series.
  5. Site Help resource (filed under Toolbar Menu).
  6. Syndication with RSS/Atom XML Feeds.
  7. Finish coding my blog and start adding content.
  8. And about a million other things.

Note: Regarding #7 above, I’ve taken a slight detour from my original intent, which was to design and hand-code every aspect of this Web site. The new approach involves the use of existing packages, but only if these packages meet certain prerequisites. Namely that they be open-source, produce valid XHTML markup and otherwise fit the overall theme of loadaverageZero. Two of the newest addtions that fall into this category are the Vanilla Forum, and my Serendipity based blog, blogZero.

Note: dnews completed in one day. Previous records for productivity shattered .

Note: drx all phases (for now) complete, see the latest announcement for more information.

Note: dbrowse released for alpha/evaluation purposes. Please have a look at if you’re interested, and consider sending me some feedback.

Note: Regarding the dbrowse article and series on MySQL development. I will most likely be writing and publishing this piece on another Web site. I have to mull it over a little more. Stay tuned.

Note: Items 2. and 3. are closely related. I am very nearly finished with the browser itself, which is a total rewrite of the original. The new version uses an XPath like syntax. I’m very excited about this project. The Lab series will include complete documentation of the application as well as some history and background on dynamic Web applications and databases.

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